Gaëtan Evrard

In tune with his emotions and the nature that surrounds him, Gaëtan Evrard composes a cuisine based on instinct and sensations.

His cuisine is a bit like him: it is generous. One of the main qualities of his creation is that Gaëtan enjoys eating it… and sharing it. Diverse and fun, his cuisine finds its roots in tradition. With a skillful twist, Gaëtan Evrard hoists it towards modernity.

Seasoning, acidity and bitterness rule with splendor in a game of textures and flavors where infinite pleasure lingers in long-lasting memories. His passion for wine – and his collection of 400 selections, including 300 Loire Valley wines – make him a pairing master.

Born and raised in Touraine, he knows the beauty, the charms and the treasures of this region. Gaëtan Evrard is in the process of creating his own vegetable gardens where he intends to harvest ingredients. These havens shall also serve as an ever-flowing source of inspiration, showcased in plain view …

in “Evidence”.